Donald Daniel

Allsafe Round Rock Storage, Round Rock, TX

Everyone with the 4 Brothers commercial team was great to work with. The communication was always very clear, and they accommodated the closing date I requested so we had a clean close with everything happening at the end of the month and before I traveled out of the state.

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Kim Hurst

Ferry Lake Trailer Park, Tifton, GA

After closing last week I can confirm that what he told me up front about being a serious and experienced park buyer was indeed correct. He closed in a timely fashion and with minimal hassles from me and my family during the due diligence process. I would recommend him to any other park owner who is interested in selling their park!

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Marlene Kellogg

Blue Ridge Mobile Home Park, Norfolk, NE

I am quite happy with how things went and I would be happy to recommend to any other property owners who may be thinking about selling to Jon that if they do so they will not be disappointed.

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Willie Nephew

North Acres Estates, Crookston, MN

I sold my mobile home park to Jon Carcone, and it was an experience I would be confortable recommending to other property owners. He was consistent in his communication to me throughout the process, and was able to close the transaction in a timely manner.

I felt confortable with his approach during the process, and he was fair to work with.

I would recommend him if you're looking to sell a property.

Willie Nephew

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Matthew Mosbacker

Palo Blanco Mobile Home Park

Jon Carcone with 4 Brothers Commercial was easy to work with and made the sale of our mobile home park straightforward. He handled some unforeseen hurdles that ended up coming up along the way and was still able to close the transaction in a reasonable amount of time.

I'd recommend him if you're looking to sell a property.

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